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Recent Workshop:

Creating Interactive Environments

Sunday, 4/29 2012, 2-4PM - FREE

Place: The Fridge - 516 1/2 8th St. SE DC 20003

UPDATE: Files from the workshop are available here. These files completely superceed those copied during the workshop; in particular, the DBE-5-0.v4p file should be ignored and the DBE-4-1.v4p file in this archive should be used instead.

By using inexpensive cameras and freely available software, you can create environments that respond to body movements and gestures. Techniques will be presented that will show you how to do this with nothing more than a laptop and a webcam, all the way to complete immersive projected 3D worlds using the latest depth cameras such as the Kinect and Xtion, all using the same software.

You will also learn how to make your creations respond to music, and using your body to create music. Other topics such as MIDI and OSC integration, 3D, and cheap large screen construction will be covered as well. Program being taught will be vvvv which runs on Windows XP/7, and on Macs with Bootcamp.

All needed software for those wishing to follow along and experiment in the workshop will be provided via WiFi (or USB key if needed!).

If you are interested in using the Playstation PS3Eye camera, you can download the windows drivers at Code Laboratories, Mac drivers at the WebCam-OSX project.

For the Microsoft Kinect and/or the ASUS Xtion depth cameras, please download this group of software that is a version I know works with vvvv. Mac and Linux users can get software from the OpenNI and OpenKinect project web sites.

You can get started with vvvv on their download page, where you'll find the software, how to get started, and tutorials on using the package. Note vvvv is free for non-commercial use and is not crippled in any way, but if you're going to make money with it you should buy a license - they are great folks and very responsive to their active user community.