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Art In Interaction


Responsive Artwork, Installations, and Performances


Immersive VR at Newhouse School of Journalism

NoirFlux has been working with Dan Pacheco at Syracuse University in exploring immersive technologies for journalism and information exploration. Recently we have had public and class demos using Oculus Rifts modified for wireless operation to allow full walk-around virtual reality. NoirFlux' custom tracking and gesture software allows low-latency exploration and interaction with the virtual environment.

Entanglement #1 invited to Memory Theater

Entanglement #1 - Hawaii 1936, a series of viewer-responsive photographs, was invited into the Memory Theater exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY. Memory Theater ran October 9th - December 29th, 2013, in the Grand Gallery.

Current Installations

Dancing Light Theater

Dancing Light Theater, at the Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology, opened Feb. 15th as a semi-permanent exhibit. Three hanging screens, each interactive on both sides, will be showing a variety of participatory art and science pieces for several months.

Where We Are Going

Humans evolved in a living, interactive world, a world that delighted and surprised us as we moved through it. We adapted to the world, and it adapted to us.

Soon, through new sensing and responsive technologies, our environments will once again be responding to and surprising us. Art, architecture, and entertainment that is simply static or linear will feel more like a cave than a living world, as more and more our creations come to involve us and respond to our motions, gestures, speech, and doubtless someday thoughts.

This new journey is just beginning. Step in. Dance the light.